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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Program Review

Review Of Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Even an Idiot Can Lose Fat With This Diet Program!

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

About Fat Loss 4 Idiots:

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is all about giving new and cutting edge diets for quick fat loss. The entire diet is focused on giving dieters a NON starvation type of weight loss diet, a diet which is NOT focused on starving the body of calories or carbs -- because starvation diets do not work and only leave you feeling weak and lethargic all day.  

Subscribers to the diet program are given access to an online diet generator that generates fat loss diets for users. You also get a handbook which provides the most credible fat loss information.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

If you ever dreamed of going on a diet that is not too rigid on what you eat, permitting a little indulgence, not putting any additional demands on you, while at the same time enabling you to lose remarkable amounts of fat from the body, this isthe diet of choice.

This is not an not exaggeration. Even an idiot could not go wrong with this diet program. That's why it is called Fat Loss 4 idiots.

Usual diet programs fail due to two reasons. First and foremost reason is the difficulty in sticking to them. This is because the diets put additional demands on you.

For instance, many of them require special foods and ingredients that call for extra effort and time to procure them. This makes the whole fat loss effort cumbersome, leading to inconsistency in following the diet.

The other problem with usual fat loss diets is that they are mostly restrictive, starvation diets seeking to burn off calories at any cost, without looking at the consequences. This poses a problem because, other than depriving the body of vital nutrients and adversely affecting health, it leads to physical fatigue, hindering daily activities.

Therefore, users tend to either cheat or discontinue the diet, in either case defeating their fat loss goals.

Fat loss 4 Idiots, on the other hand, eliminates both these problems and provides an effective dieting plan that you can work with, one that also provides quick results because of the basic logic that drives it.

The approach employed in 'Fat Loss 4 Idiots' is known as the "shifting calories" method. The method works on the principle that rotating your meals prevents your metabolism from getting used to your eating pattern and burns off excess fat.

Your metabolism doesn't know how much food you'll eat the next day.Therefore, your metabolism always burns calories based on your eating habits during the past few days.

By shifting the types of calories, you can get the metabolism to first burn all of the calories eaten, and then burn nearest available fat tissue on your body and burn that too.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet does not put a restriction on what you can eat and what you cannot, getting rid one of the two stumbling block for success with fat loss: starvation. It solves the starvation problem with its 11-day meal plan.

The meal plan includes a low-carb, high-protein, low-fat diet. It also does not put limitations on what you can eat. Also, you get to eat 4 meals a day. However, the way this is done is unique.

The meal plans are rotated daily, so each day you eat a different type of meal. They are repeated in 11-day cycles until you achieve your desired weight-loss goals. After the 11-days, there are 3 days when you can eat what you like and no foods are forbidden.

These 3-day periods are also intended to confuse your metabolism, so that it does not get used to your dieting and get into a fat building mode. All of this is done by a online diet generator that you are given access to.

Scientifically the the shifting calory theory makes sense as it is a fact that the body metabolism is conditioned by the eating patterns a person follows. Therefore, any eating pattern alteration is bound to alter the fat burning process of the body, in this case burning off excess fat.

As a result, when the eating pattern is altered as Fat Loss 4 idiots does, the entire fat loss process too is acclerated. This is why the creators can confidently assure the user that you could lose as much as 6 lbs every 11 days.

At the same time, this program also does not require special foods like other diet programs do. With Fat Loss 4 Idiots, you get on with what you normally eat. Only, you will be eating the same foods differently.

In fact, the diet allows you to indulge in ones favorite fatty or rich foods during the specified days of the diet program.

An added advantage of Fat Loss 4 Idiots is that the online diet generator can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Therefore, maintaining the continuity of your diet program won't be a problem even if you are travelling.

Apparently, the reason that this program is called Fat Loss 4 Idiots and the reason it is an idiot proof diet is because of the ease in following the program. Even an idiot can follow this program and complete it.

Anyone looking for diet a that provides quick results without starvation, special foods and all the usual hype, will find Fat Loss 4 Idiots worth it.

Importantly, action separates the successful from the rest. Take action. Start burning off fat with no risk right now. You are protected by the Money-Back Success Guarantee on this instantly accessible online diet generator and downloadable ebook.

As Malcolm Forbes said, "Venture nothing, and life is less than it should be." Take Fat Loss 4 Idiots For a Risk-Free Test Drive and just get started.

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