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Effective Ways To Lengthen Penis Quickly And Easily

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Let me let you in on something private I will share. I was very depressed about the length of my penis. All I could think about was how could I lengthen my penis just an inch or two. What a difference that would make!

It pleases me to tell you I have finally found a working method. And I mean works really well. However, it took a lot of mistakes before I found what I needed.

I tried using the penis pump method first. It's actually pretty fun to do. But while my girth did increase temporarily for a few hours after each use, penis length never did.

Penis enlargement pills are another method I tried. These are herbal concoctions that are supposed to make your penis longer by increasing blood flow. One pill (Extenze) increased both girth and erection strength significantly. However penis length didn't increase much.

Next I tried stretching exercises. These actually do work. But there are some tricks you must know.

To make the exercises work, you have to heat the area before stretching. I would take a hot shower and then stretch away. The heat makes the penile tissues more malleable to being pulled.

I gained about a quarter inch with my penis stretching routine. And it took about six weeks to get there. However gains slowed down again after a while of success. Then I discovered the ultimate solution.

One key is periodic layoffs from stretching. The penis tissues adapt and become stronger as you do the exercises. So after a few weeks your gains slow. You then must stop and take a few weeks off. The penile tissues finally relax back to a normal state and you can get back to exercising. Repeat these cycles until you are happy with your size.

The second key necessitates applying a topical DHT gel to the penis every day while you are on an exercise cycle. Topical DHT is a powerful androgen responsible for development of male sexual traits such as a deep voice, body hair and penis development. Using topical DHT induces the penis to grow in length.

The topical DHT is when on a cycle only. Stop using it when on a break. This will the androgen receptors in the penile tissues to become sensitive to topical DHT again.

This is the routine I used to finally add length to my penis. It took me about six months of going through these cycles to be happy with my size. You may also gain some girth. I'm positive any guy could get a longer penis too following this routine.

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