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How To Make Your Penis Bigger

If you're looking for information about the correct steps on how to make your penis bigger you're at the right place. The net has blown up with info over the last few years, most of it needing payment up front. The question is, how to get going with penis enlargement when you're a newbie?

Having been there myself I have learned quite a bit about penis enlargement. So let me let you in on the top tips and get you started in the right direction.

My first tip is that you need to have a healthy penis before you start your enlargement program. What I mean by that is you must have strong erection strength with good blood flow to your penis. You should wake up in the mornings with strong erections. You can't get a bigger penis without optimum penis strength!

It's usually guys over 30 that may have these problems. That's because body chemistry start to diminish. And you need to correct your hormones before starting your enlargement system.

So how to fix it? Often you need to get hormones levels right. You need higher levels of testosterone and DHT. And lower levels of estrogen and prolactin balanced correctly for strong erection strength. Look into herbal supplements that correct these issues.

Deciding on an enlargement system you will commit to is my second tip. Equipment is useless if it doesn't get used. On the other hand, if a few minutes a day doing exercises in the shower is more your style, then that's what you should learn and get good at. It pays to be consistent!

The last but most crucial tip is to look into how to boost certain hormones while enlarging to help get better results. Lots of guys get discouraged and stop when increases are lagging to zilch. Some chemical assistance (for example topical DHT) will give better results when used along with your penis enlargement program.

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