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Using Penis Enlargement Pills To Make Your Penis Grow Bigger And Harder!

If you have a small penis or you just want your current size to be bigger then you'll be happy to know your solution may be as simple as a small pill you take once a day. It seems hard to believe, that increasing penis size could rally be so easy.

But once you understand how using penis enlargement pills to make your penis grow really works, it all starts to make some sense and suddenly the future seems brighter because you know it's possible to get a bigger penis!

So just how does the penis enlargement pills make your penis grow? Well you have to understand what these pills are capable of and what they are not. Let's look at precisely what they can do. The most important function is to increase blood flow to your penis.

Now let's get real. It's not just an increase to the penis. Blood pressure is somewhat increased throughout your body. Not dangerously, but enough to pump up your penis.

Over time the spongy tissue inside of your penis can expand and hold larger amounts of blood. It really doesn't take much. There are basically three very expandable chambers in the penis and they will increase to accommodate the extra blood flow.

This results in longer and thicker erection sizes. It will also give you a much bigger flaccid hang size. This is because there is always some blood flowing into the penis keeping in a fluffed up state and looking nice and big in your pants.

Now we have to look at what using penis enlargement pills realistically can't do. You see the growth of the spongy tissues of the penis are limited by the much tougher Tunica that surrounds the penis and its three chambers. It is tough and fibrous and much more difficult to grow bigger. And that is where the increased blood flow from the pills hits a road block.

You see, the Tunica allows for some expansion but has it's limits. So how much bigger will the Tunica allow your penis to get? It really varies from person to person.

For most men and inch or so in length and girth is likely the upper limit to gains. A few very lucky guys may get increases much bigger than that. But they are the exception.

So what does this all mean? Well it means that gaining up to an inch can be as easy as taking a daily pill and that rocks!

Even though penis enlargement pills are somewhat limited in possible gains you still will get great increases in size and rock hard erections that last!

And for most guys this is all they need to dramatically changer their lives. And it's so easy!

Other methods often fail because you just can't be bothered after awhile with working out or wearing devices. It gets tiresome for many men.

Using the penis enlargement pills it's just so hassle free that you can keep using them no problem. And most men are more than happy with the size increases they get.

If you are one of those who need more than and inch you can try adding some penis exercises with the pills for extra growth. They actually work quite well together and will give you increases bigger than either alone would.

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