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Penile Enlargement Surgery Issues

So you've made up your mind you desire a bigger penis but now you need to figure out how to go about it. The basic choice is between penile enlargement surgery or natural male enhancement methods.

You might be inclined to choose surgery right now, thinking it's the easy way to go. Now days there is a overwhelming belief that modern plastic surgery is completely safe. However you should consider all the issues before having penile enlargement surgery.

Surgery for male enhancement has more troublesome issues than other types of cosmetic surgery. The procedure to make the penis longer, where they sever the suspensory ligaments, requires you to wear a traction device for up to six months after the initial surgery. This is to keep the sliced ligaments from reattaching or possibly forming scarring and contracting the penis length.

Yes that's right. You may end up with a shorter penis than before the operation if matters don't turn out perfectly.

The girth procedure is beset with it's own problems. It used to be, fat was injected under the penis skin. Regrettably the fat injections oftentimes looked uneven and was eventually reabsorbed. In modern times they utilize dermal grafts or Alloderm grafts. They are an improvement but still can have issues.

They take the dermal graft right our of your flesh leaving scarring. Like the fat injections these grafts may reabsorb over time, though there is less chance of that happening.

Alloderm grafts can have rejection issues, since they are taken from cadavers and may be rejected by your body as foreign tissue.

And then there are the obvious problems of scarring and costs. All leave scars, which your partner may discover. And the cost of surgical enlargement is really high.

You might pay over $10,000 if you get both the length and girth procedures.

But there are alternatives. Although obviously not as quick as surgery, there are natural methods of male enhancement that do work. Understand the natural methods will require some work on your part. But if done right you will get results.

Here are the top enhancement systems to get started with. You are sure to make some gains using either a penis stretcher or a penis enlargement exercises system.

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