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Rocket Spanish Review

Created By Rocket Language

Content Quality
Program Material
Client Results
Easy To Follow
Program Satisfaction
Learn spanish Course

Rocket Spanish is an interactive course which will help you pick up spoken and written Spanish quickly. And being interactive, it's like your having fun to be learning. But you really are learning.

Rocket Spanish is broken into two parts. The Mega Spanish Audio Software. And the Mega Spanish Software.

All the lessons you need are in the audio software. And after a few days, you will hit the ground running.

But most users rave on about the Mega Spanish Software. This software is broken into 2 main programs.

The Mega Vocab has over 2000 words and 20 topics for you to pick up. And the Mega Vocab Creator allows you to add your own words and pictures to the software. So you pick up Spanish words faster.

And you know why it's a no brainer?

Because you have access to the materials 24/7. You see, Rocket Spanish is a program which you can listen to, over and over again. And if you have problems with a word, you can play it again. Or use the software to help you remember it. Users say it's like having a live in Spanish teacher to help you, every step of the way.

If what you want is an actual trial, sign up for their free Six-Part Mini-Course. You'll get lessons sent to you every day for a week, where you'll learn how to take part in a real Spanish conversation by using the innovative Rocket Spanish interactive learning method. It's just like having a tutor in your own home, guiding you through proper pronunciation and giving you extra tips on Latin culture and how people really talk.

If you like what Rocket Spanish has to offer, you can sign up for their premium service. The author of Rocket Spanish, Mauricio Evlampieff, will guide you through all aspects of the Spanish language, from pronunciation and conversation to grammar and vocabulary building. As a native speaker, he uses his insider knowledge of the language to make you aware of the differences between the Spanish taught in schools and the Spanish spoken on the streets, as well as the differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain and that spoken in Latin America.

Rocket Spanish is by far the most diverse and effective Spanish lessons we have ever seen available online. The course is extensive and it comes with exercises & activities, plus some ultra-cool interactive software games.

Learning has never been so fun and that probably explains why Rocket Spanish is one of the most popular learning Spanish program in the market.

With all the useful functions and features that it offers, Rocket Spanish is currently the best priced in the net. What's more, in less than 2 months, users have been able to speak fluently Spanish confidently.

One thing that surprised us was users telling us that with what they have learned from the rocket spanish course, no one ever questions them about their accent. You may be able to say Spanish words but one of the hardest things to learn is how to properly pronounce words. As you well know many people can speak English but for people that it is not their first language sometimes it can be hard to understand what they are saying. They may be saying the right words but are just not pronouncing them correctly. That is one problem you will never have with rocket spanish.

The price will vary according to whether you prefer to download the Rocket Spanish package or receive it sent to you in a 25-CD pack.

Whichever option you choose, you'll receive our full Interactive Audio Course, over 12 hours of audio in which you'll actually speak Spanish with a native speaker and learn to participate in a real conversation.

You'll receive e-books on Beginning and Advanced Grammar, Spanish Conversation, and Vocabulary Building. You'll also get our fun MegaVocab and MegaAudio software games, which will help you recognize both written and spoken Spanish words. Plus, you can add your own vocabulary list to the games, making memorizing for a test a snap

Rocket Spanish backs the entire No-Fail System with a full 100% money-back guarantee. This means that you can try the program risk-free for a full 8 weeks, and if you're not fully satisfied, you won't pay a dime.

Best Price

Price: $99.95 Limited Time discount Price


Learn Spanish Like Crazy- LSLC Nivel DOS - Review
Content Quality
Program Material
Client Results
Easy To Follow
Program Satisfaction

This is our second favourite product because it's quite comprehensive. There really is a lot of material to get through, over 1000 hours.

Also, this product is 100% audio, so it could be a great choice if you like to learn Spanish while driving in your car. However, if you are the type of person who prefers to learn by reading as well, Rocket Spanish would be the choice for you.

When most people ask us to recommend a single product, we tell them to get Rocket Spanish and if they still have some extra cash to spend, Learn Spanish Like Crazy is also a good investment.

Learning Spanish Like Crazy was developed to teach everyday conversational Latin American Spanish. The course was developed after the Founder of the course realized that the Spanish that he had learned from other self-study Spanish courses was completely different from the Spanish that he was hearing Spanish speakers speak in Latin America and the U.S.

Unlike many other Spanish courses, but similar to Rocket spansih, Learning Spanish Like Crazy teaches you how to speak real everyday conversational Latin American Spanish as opposed to "textbook" or formal Spanish.

The course is all audio. The Light version of Learning Spanish Like Crazy consists of the first 16 lessons of Level I Learning Spanish Like Crazy. The complete Level I of Learning Spanish Like Crazy has a total of 30 audio lessons.

Unlike many of the Spanish courses on the market today, the vocabulary in this course is modern and typical of the Spanish that is spoken today throughout the Americas.

The Spanish featured in this course is also more conversational or more everyday-like compared to the more formal Spanish that I have found in other Spanish courses.

Much of the grammar that is taught in other Spanish courses is grammar that is considered 100% correct by European standards. Some examples of such so-called proper grammar would be excessive use of the personal "a," unnecessary and excessive use of reflexive verbs when the non-reflexive usage will suffice.

Although to do otherwise would not be considered 100% correct by Castilian standards, such usage (or lack of) has achieved widespread acceptance throughout Latin America, especially in normal everyday Spanish. Any insistence to adhere to the Castilian standard is a clear indication that one has not taken the time to learn Spanish as the natives speak it (in Latin America).

Without sacrificing proper grammar usage and at the same time avoiding slang, the speakers in this course manage to teach colloquial or everyday Spanish grammar that is commonly used throughout the Americas.

This Spanish course uses a teaching method that makes it possible for the student to develop an almost perfect Latin American Spanish accent.

The sound quality of the lessons is also excellent. And to develop proper pronunciation and accent, you really need good sound quality like this course has.

This course also covers a great deal of content in each lesson. Although the amount of content will require you to practice the CDs several times before moving on, you will be glad that you did after seeing the progress that you are making.

Price: $99.95 Limited Time discount Price


Shortcuts To Spanish
Content Quality
Program Material
Client Results
Easy To Follow
Program Satisfaction
'Shortcuts to Spanish' is a good tool if you need to learn Spanish in a hurry. You'll learn basic Spanish rules such as how to translate english words that you regularly use into Spanish words by simply changing 1-3 letters. This course certainly doesn't offer a complete learn Spanish system, but it does help you to learn basic conversational Spanish in a matter of weeks.

The " How to Speak Spanish " course developed by Marcus Santamaria fully utilizes the available shortcuts to learn Spanish for English speakers. Note: if you are not an English speaker, this course might not be for you.

There are basically four shortcuts:

  1. Paring English words to Spanish words: for example, plastic vs. plastico; panic vs. panico. There are 31 paring categories. And this could enable you to learn 3013 Spanish words very easily from your English vocabulary.
  2. Using mnemonics to learn Spanish words. By this way you can really learn Spanish fast.
  3. Mastering the the most used Spanish words. Research showed that 100 most frequent Spanish words are repeated over and over in 50% of all communications. This could maximally speed up your communication in Spanish in minimum time.
  4. Creating real Spanish to say what you want to say so that you can communicate in Spanish. That's right, to use it and then you master it.

One good  thing is that they have the money back guarantee. Since the course will only take 31 days, there is actually nothing for you to lose.


  1. ebook "Shortcut to Spanish", the Guide to Learning Spanish Fast, 276 Pages;
  2. 31 Audio Lessons in MP3 for Clear Spanish Speaking;
  3. 132 Printable Flashcards to Reinforce Your Spanish Learning;
  4. Your Personal Spanish Coach ( Marcus Santamaria , creator of the system) via email support;
  5. CueCard, a flashcard software that you can use to create your own flashcards. PC only. Not for Mac.

With LSLC Nivel Dos You'll Be Able to Master Spanish and Take Your Spanish-speaking Skills to the Next Level.

Best Price

Price: $24.95 Limited Time discount Price

Synergy Spanish
Content Quality
Program Material
Client Results
Easy To Follow
Program Satisfaction
With this method it takes just 138 words to get by in Spanish.

It Doesn't Matter How Old You Are, Or What Experience You Have Had With Spanish, Now Communicating In Spanish Is Possible For Everyone.

Here´s what you get :

Resource 1 "Shortcut to Spanish" the Guide to Learning Spanish Fast

The "Shortcut to Spanish" , action guide shows you how to use 31 categories of instant and easy Spanish words. You can absorb the easiest 3013 Spanish words you'll ever learn. Plus 132 Mnemonics of the most used words in Spanish. For maximum Spanish communication in minimum time.

Everything in the action guide is expanded when you interact and speak real-world Spanish with....

Resource 2 - 31 Interactive Audio Lessons for Clear Spanish Speaking

No listening to and repeating words like a parrot, you are learning on a much deeper level. You interplay with the audio and start to think in Spanish. You start using Spanish in complete sentences that native Spanish speakers will understand.

Resource 3 - 132 Mnemonic Flashcards for extra memory power.

With flashcards you can turn you downtime into productive time. In the little lost moments when you are waiting in line, sitting on a bus or train, waiting to meet a friend, it´s amazing how much Spanish you can learn.

You pull out your flashcards, look at the Spanish word and try and remember it´s meaning. Turn the card over and there´s the word in English. Were you correct? If not, there´s a little a mnemonic hint to help you remember.

Now the other way, you look at the English and remember the word in Spanish. Before you know it, the words are so well imprinted in your mind you couldn´t forget them if you tried. Just print, cut and fold and you have 132 magical memory aids, to make sure you learn the 132 most frequently used Spanish words for good.

Resource 4 Your Own Personal Spanish Coach

After you download or receive your home delivery, if you are ever stuck, have any questions or are scratching your head, just send an email and the author will answer your burning question. He is your personal Spanish coach .

Best Price
Price: $49.95 Limited Time Discount Price




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