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New Novelist Review

New Novelist V2 Review

Over 50,000 Writers Use This Software, Time You Did!
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New Novelist REview

Did you know that, the New Novelist is the only novel/book writing software that suits beginners as well as experienced writers?

What is it about New Novelist V2 that has made it so popular among both these groups of writers? What is it about this writing software that has earned it rave reviews from the likes of The Sunday Herald?

Given below is a detailed product description and user reviews of New Novelist V2 that answers this and other questions.

New Novelist Review

New Novelist V2

Version 2 released recently

With over 50,000 writers using it, As compared to other similar softwares, the NewNovelist is a valuable writing tool for both the beginner as well as the experienced writer: it helps the beginner get started immediately, wheras the experienced writer gets a new perspective from the use of the various features of the software.

New Novelist software breaks down the process of writing a novel into manageable chunks. This means that you are never faced with a blank screen or piece of paper.

This approach also means that you don't have to start with the introduction and keep on writing until you get to the end. You could start by developing a character or work on a plot turn. You could describe a particular event, or even write the ending and work backwards!

Further, you can move around as the inspiration takes you - and the software collects all of your work into one single file, together with background, research notes for each section.

The current version, i.e. NewNovelist V2 has several improvements over the previous edition. This includes the inclusion of a top drawer text editor, enhanced structuring tools, more varied themes, more character development and prompts and help, spell check, thesaurus and the ability to print directly from the application, besides a new clear layout, simple structure and ability to develop deep characters and vivid background elements.

The new version also features spell check, thesaurus, Internet search, Audio read back text, USA or UK dictionary selection, full word processor functionality & many other new features.

The interface is user friendly with its intuitive layout. Also, the addition of the prompt, with expert advice sets it apart from all the other similar programs.

Simple to install and fun to use, it has being used by over 51,000 people in more than 60 countries. You can also move chapters around and fully organize your writing, write short stories or full length novels.

We also found added value to the purchase by the 4 week money back guarantee.

One really could not come up with a better statement than the one found at their website to describe the program' real value -The Magic of NewNovelist is that it doesn't feel as if you're writing a book.

User Reviews:

By R J Lee ( San Fran, Cal)

"I ordered this a few days ago. The package arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely thrilled with this program. I consider myself to be an experienced writer, but it has taught me many new things and I'm very pleased with it.

I'm very glad I bought this product and I think that any future author needs this useful piece of software. It's turned about two hundred documents of scrappy, disorganised notes into one neat file and my writing is storming ahead. I fully recommend this product."

By Arturo Brian (Tucson Arizona)

"I purchased this software approximately 1 month ago. It shipped quickly and I received it within a week of purchase.

The layout is simplistic, more of an organizational tool for the scatterbrained among us, rather than one of those restrictive plug-your-own-character-into-a-generic-plot-line programs. I was looking for software that would gently provide me with a loose structure instead of forcing me down narrow alleyways of predicability, and this program does just that.

Some of the previous reviews mention the lack of spellcheck, ability to bold, italicize, etc., but the version I have includes these features. It also includes an audio readback feature which I find extremely helpful with sentence structure and flow.

A fine product from a company with an almost unheard of level of dedication to its customers' satisfaction."

By M Seth ( Southampton, UK)

I had been toying with the idea of writing my own Novel for pretty much most of my adult years, but never knew that apart from sitting in a darkened room for a year or so and wracking my brains for ideas and poetic prose all by myself, that indeed there could be such a thing as software to help me actually compose, develop and complete my novel to publishing standard.

Enter - New Novelist - what a brilliant - well thought out and completely revolutionary invention!!!

When I found out that help is out there, I assessed 3 or 4 different types of software that claim to help you write a book or novel. Hands down - I found New Novelist to be the Best of The Lot !

The software asked me to firstly outline my characters, their backgrounds etc, then moved onto the setting of my novel, locations and situations, it added critical elements to any thriller such as suspense, suggestions for endings, suggestions for beginnings and truly guided me all the way through my novel. Unbelievably I am half way through a 400 page novel beginning from scratch just three weeks ago. I'm so excited that I've already started contacting publishers to take on my Novel which I am confident of completing within the next two weeks - Thank you New Novelist!!!

If anyone out there has ever used Macromedia Director to create digital movies - you will know the degree of depth that this software goes into to create the perfect masterpiece - Just Imagine New Novelist to be the same thing but applied to writing books - What a breath of Fresh Air! "

By D Broadrick (Vancouver, Canada)

I work as a professional copywriter and have a lot of usage of scripts and copywriting material.

I am now thinking of a storyline for a book I want to write and found newnovelist software on which I thought may help me out.

This software is really fun to work with, and exciting too as it enables me to formulate my thoughts and provides lots of ideas on improving the storyline. I thought I had everything planned perfectly until I started to use newnovelist. I found so many new ways of thinking about the structure and outline of my book and now feel that it has improved my writing immeasurably.

Delivery was swift and I sincerely cannot put a price on how much it has helped me with my masterpiece.

I would recommend this software to anyone."

Several aspects make New Novelist 2 worth it:

  • 7 years demonstrated track record
  • positive user feedback
  • improved and additional features
  • audio read back
  • comprehensive novel/story writing application for the beginner as well as the experienced
  • easy to use, instantly downloadable and moneyback guarantee (see below).

Users have the added advantage of taking Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle For a Risk-Free Test Drive. All purchases are protected by the Money-Back Success Guarantee.

Best Price



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